In one word… Dad

When I think of my dad there are so many words that come to mind.

Knowledge– Dad you taught me more than you could ever imagine, both through experience and teaching. Thank you!

Integrity– Dad you taught me to do what is right even if no one will ever know otherwise. Thank you!

Love– Dad you taught me to love everyone. To love my neighbour as myself. The way you show love to mom is an example of Christ like love. Thank you!

Perseverance– Dad you taught me the meaning of a hard days work. Thank you!

Wisdom– Dad you taught me to seek God, the provider of all wisdom, in every decision. Thank you!

Faith– Dad you taught me trust in things unseen, even when it seemed impossible. Thank you!

Leadership– Dad you taught me to be a leader and stand up for what is right no matter what the cost. Thank you!

Patience– Dad you taught me that sometimes things take time. Thank you!

Forgiveness– Dad you taught me to forgive always. Even when I may not have been at fault. Thank you!

Thankfulness– Dad you taught me to be thankful for everything, even when it wasn’t what I wanted. I can’t remember a time when you were not thankful. Thank you!

Character– Dad you taught me about morals and to not cave into the pressures of the world. Thank you!

Compassion– Dad you taught me to be compassionate to everyone no matter their lot in life. Thank you!

Discipline– Dad you taught me about obeying the rules and that there are consequences for disobedience. Thank you!

Biblical Principles– Dad you taught me so much about what it means to be a child of Christ and man of God. Thank you! You taught me to read my bible and to grow daily in my relationship with God. Thank you! You taught me to give back to God what is already his by tithing first and I have been blessed immensely for that. Thank you!

Service– Dad you taught me that I must serve others before myself. I find I am blessed and recharged when I exert myself to serve others. Thank you!

Respect– Dad you taught me to treat women with respect and value them. You showed this daily in the way you treated mom. Thank you!

Dad you have been the most influential person in my life. I am so blessed to be called your son. Your influence in my life has had such a positive effect on my life. If only there were more dads like you, this world would be a way better place to live. I can only hope and pray that I will be as good a father as you were and are! I pray that God will bless you as you continue to serve him!

As I sail across the ocean on this ship, thousands of kilometers from home, I am moved to tears thinking about you and the awesome dad you are. I love you!

Your son

Tim Abramoff <>(

Hard at work!