Hey everyone. Sorry its been so long since I last put a blog up. It’s been a very busy time of repair on the ship. There have been many projects going on. It’s been good to get some serious work done. We have also had the chance, since we are in Spain, to do some relaxing here in the Canary Islands in the evenings and days off. We are just finishing up the dry dock segment of our ship yard phase. The ship is a mess, with so many projects going on. But once its all cleaned up it will be better than ever. The ship is back in the water as of tonight and it is still floating despite having a huge hole cut in the side of it. If all our tests go well tomorrow morning, we will sail back to Tenerife to finish up the next few weeks of work in the port there.

This will be more of a picture blog than a deep insightful one. Hope you enjoy the photos.

Just click on the first picture then you will be able to scroll through all the photos. If you have any questions, besides “did you meet anyone special there?”, just leave a question for me.  God Bless

Tim Abramoff